Willett is a family-owned distillery situated in Bardstown, Kentucky, with a legacy spanning over 80
years. Known for its small-batch bourbons and rye whiskies, Willett is celebrated for its traditional
distilling methods. Visitors to the distillery can take guided tours that provide insights into the art of
distillation, aging, and blending. The tour includes a visit to the rickhouses where the barrels are
stored, allowing guests to appreciate the impact of time and maturation on the spirits. The
experience concludes with a tasting of Willett’s hand-selected offerings, offering a glimpse into the
distillery’s commitment to producing exceptional and sought-after bourbons

Contact – 502.501.9699

Address – 1869 Loretto Road Bardstown, KY 40004 (EST)

Website – WillettDistillery.com